Meg Runeari Journal No. 7

Meg Runeari Journal No. 7

Oct. 24, 2006

I checked out for awhile as far as my journals go but I'm back to deliver HUGE news. After an upsetting tie to Lafayette we were able to bounce back and get arguably the best result of the season - a 1-0 victory over previously 2nd place Lehigh.

A second half goal by our very own cartoon character, Jana Lee (untz untz) was enough to keep our playoff hopes alive. Also a shout out to our rookie Cookie for her late goal to tie the game against Lafayette - way to be youngin'...keep up the hustle.

Besides the obvious gratitude to our parents and fans there is credit due in many other places. Our coaching staff has stuck with us through thick and thin to make sure we don't give up. Sean Dash, our trainer, has made sure that we're all in good health to play to the best of our ability. The facilities and grounds crew makes every game a perfect experience for both us - and our fans. The custodial and laundry staff makes things easier for us day in and day out. I'm sure there are people that I'm forgetting and I apologize for that - but it's these people that truly make things run smoothly.

There is not enough I can say, as a senior, for our next game on Saturday vs. Colgate (1pm). It's the last opportunity the other seniors and myself will have to play on the beautiful Reeves field and with a win or tie - a playoff berth. We all truly hope that you could find the time to make it out and support us for this must win game!

To my girls: no matter what happens - it's already been a pleasure. Each one of you means more to me than words can say. Hard work this week will pay off on Saturday and a Patriot League tournament with you guys would be a memory that lasts a lifetime. Get stuck in.