Meg Runeari Journal No. 3

Meg Runeari Journal No. 3

Sept. 12, 2006

WASHINGTON - A weekend in the south brought on new tests as we faced East Carolina University and ACC powerhouse North Carolina State.

Each team was physically fit both strength and endurance wise - forcing us to lose our rhythm at times as far as playing good soccer is concerned.

A consistent effort against ECU helped us pull off the 1-0 victory, keeping our record clean. Unfortunately, we weren't able to convert any chances against a very strong NC State team. No need to worry - second place in a tournament of that caliber is nothing to get us down.

Special thanks to the Doyles, Herlihys, Scotts, Mr. Lee, and Mr. Donovan for making the trip to take part in another exciting weekend. We are where we are because of you guys!

I've been praising Annette Scott since her first session her freshmen year and her performance this weekend reminded me why. She's small in stature but huge in confidence and ability. Even the craftiest of players were struggling to break through her tenacious defending. All that aside - her knowledge of the game keeps us organized at all times. Scotty - doesn't go unnoticed bud! I look up to you as does everyone else. Keep holding it down!

To my girls: It's a team that can bounce back that has the most character. No one expects us to be there in the end - let's surprise everyone! Home pitch this week - nothing like playing on our sanctuary.