Meg Runeari Journal No. 1

Meg Runeari Journal No. 1

Aug. 30, 2006

WASHINGTON - It's all positive with us this year tracing back to the first day of spring season when we collectively decided to take an entirely new approach to our sport. Mental toughness is the name of the game and so far it's paid off.

We added 8 to the mix - all of which have brought something big to the table and are creating a competitive environment in practice. Hats off to the freshmen and their ability to adjust to the atmosphere as quick and as effectively as they did.

We go by the motto: "A team is only as strong as it's seniors." It's always has been the case and it's no different this year. We're in it for the long haul and we're doing everything we can to make the rest of our teammates jump on board.

We're off to a great start with the 5-nil win over Mount St. Mary's and the scoring was spread out - we've lacked that in the past so it's a great sign! We appreciate the support and hope to continue to see more and more of you out at our games. We'd love to bring you guys a championship!

To my girls: this is the year. Keep pushing - we're going to make history.