Wrestling Upsets No. 30 Wyoming at AU Duals

Wrestling Upsets No. 30 Wyoming at AU Duals

WASHINGTON – The American University wrestling team returned home on Friday, Jan. 6, to host No. 25 North Carolina, No. 30 Wyoming and Army West Point, in the AU Duals.

The Eagles had a strong start to the day's events, topping No. 30-ranked Wyoming with a 19-14 final score.  AU went on to drop an early lead against Army, eventually falling to the Black Knights, 18-15.  The evening's events closed with the Eagles' toughest team competition yet this season, as they fell to No. 25 UNC, 26-10.

Individually, it was sophomore Michael Sprague (149) who highlighted the competition, upsetting No. 11 Cole Mendenhall in a 6-5 decision.  Sprague went on to hold a 4-3 decision over Army's Luke Weiland before falling to UNC's Troy Heilmann in a 4-3 decision.  Sprague is now 18-7 for the season, 5-1 in duals. 

Sophomore Josh Terao (125), ranked No. 17 in Division I, also had a solid day, winning all three of his matchups including a technical fall against Sean Badua (Army) three-minutes into the bout.  Terao now rises to 18-3 overall, 6-0 in duals, with five technical falls so far this season.

Senior Esteban Gomez-Rivera and junior Jeric Kasunic were the other two Eagles to go 3-0 for the day.  Gomez-Rivera now holds an overall record of 12-2, 5-0 in duals, and Kasunic sits at 15-5 overall and 5-1 in duals.

American will host Lehigh on Saturday, Jan. 14, in Bender Arena starting at 7 p.m.  For the latest on the Eagles, stay tuned to AUEagles.com and follow the team on Twitter @AU_Wrestling.

AMERICAN, 19  //  #30 WYOMING, 14

 125 – #17 Josh Terao (AU) vs. Drew Templeman (Wyoming)
Josh Terao (AU) dec. over Drew Templeman (Wyoming), 6-4

133 – Esteban Gomez-Rivera (AU) vs. Ronald Stevens (Wyoming)
Esteban Gomez-Rivera (AU) dec. over Ronald Stevens (Wyoming), 7-1 

141 – Jack Mutchnik (AU) vs. #8 Bryce Meredith (Wyoming)
Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) major decision over Jack Mutchnik (AU), 10-2

149 – Michael Sprague (AU) vs. #11 Cole Mendenhall (Wyoming)
Michael Sprague (AU) decision over Cole Mendenhall (Wyoming), 6-5

157 –Tom Page (AU) vs. #12 Archie Colgan (Wyoming)
Archie Colgan (Wyoming) decision over Tom Page (American), 5-3

165 – Cole Moseley (AU) vs. #16 Branson Ashworth (Wyoming)
Branson Ashworth (Wyoming) major decision over Cole Moseley (AU), 11-3

174 – Michael Eckhart (AU) vs. Kyle Pope (Wyoming)
Kyle Pope (Wyoming) decision over Michael Eckhart (AU), 8-4 

184 – Jason Grimes (AU) vs. Chaz Polson (Wyoming)
Jason Grimes (AU) decision over Chaz Polson (Wyoming), 6-3

197 – Jeric Kasunic (AU) vs. Luke Paine (Wyoming)
Jeric Kasunic (AU) decision over Luke Paine (Wyoming), 2-0

285 – Brett Dempsey (AU) vs. Brandon Tribble (Wyoming)
Brett Dempsey (AU) major decision over Brandon Tribble (Wyoming), 10-2


AMERICAN, 15  //  Army, 18

125 – #17 Josh Terao (AU) vs. Sean Badua (Army)
Josh Terao (AU) tech. fall over Sean Badua (Army) at the 3:00 mark (1:00 into the 2nd) 

133 – Esteban Gomez-Rivera (AU) vs. Austin Harry (Army)
Esteban Gomez-Rivera (AU) major decision over Austin Harry (Army), 11-2

141 – Jack Mutchnik (AU) vs. #15 Logan Everett (Army)
Logan Everett (Army) decision over Jack Mutchnik (AU), 2-0

149 – Michael Sprague (AU) vs. Luke Weiland (Army)
Michael Sprague (AU) decision over Luke Weiland (Army), 4-3

157 – Cole Moseley (AU) vs. #18 Russell Parsons (Army)
Russell Parsons (Army) decision over Cole Moseley (AU), 6-2

165 – Michael Eckhart (AU) vs. Andrew Mendel (Army)
Andrew Mendel (Army) decision over Michael Eckhart (AU), 5-3

174 – Joe Salvi (AU) vs. Ben Harvey (Army)
Ben Harvey (Army) decision over Joe Salvi (AU), 4-1

184 – Jason Grimes (AU) vs. Samson Imonode (Army)
Samson Imonode (Army) decision over Jason Grimes (AU), 4-2

197 – Jeric Kasunic (AU) vs. Rocco Caywood (Army)
Jeric Kasunic (AU) decision over Rocco Caywood (Army), 9-6

285 – Brett Dempsey (AU) vs. Trevor Smith (Army)
Trevor Smith (Army) decision over Brett Dempsey (AU), 8-4

AMERICAN, 10  //  #25 North Carolina, 26

125 – #17 Josh Terao (AU) vs. Tyrone Klump (UNC)
Josh Terao (AU) decision over Tyrone Klump, 6-4

133 – Esteban Gomez-Rivera (AU) vs. Nicolas Lirette (UNC)
Esteban Gomez-Rivera (AU) major decision over Nicolas Lirette (UNC), 12-4

141 – Jack Mutchnik (AU) vs. #5 Joseph Ward (UNC)
Joseph Ward (UNC) major decision over Jack Mutchnik (AU), 12-0

149 – Michael Sprague (AU) vs. Troy Heilmann (UNC)
Troy Heilman (UNC) decision over Michael Sprague (AU), 4-3

157 – Cole Moseley (AU) vs. Joseph Moon (UNC)
Joseph Moon (UNC) decision over Cole Moseley (AU), 8-3

165 – Michael Eckhart (AU) vs. Devin Kane (UNC)
Devin Kane (UNC) major decision over Michael Eckhart (AU), 9-1

174 – Nick Carey (AU) vs. #7 Ethan Ramos (UNC)
Ethan Ramos (UNC) fall over Nick Carey (AU), 1:14

184 – Jason Grimes (AU) vs. Elijah Kerr-Brown (UNC)
Elijah Kerr-Brown (UNC) decision over Jason Grimes (AU), 4-3

197 – Jeric Kasunic (AU) vs. Daniel Chaid (UNC)
Jeric Kasunic (AU) decision over Daniel Chaid (UNC), 21-16

285 – Brett Dempsey (AU) vs. Cory Daniel (UNC)
Cory Daniel (UNC) decision over Brett Dempsey (AU), 2-1

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