Birmingham Bound: A Blog

written by Mike Unger

Welcome Eagles fans, to a week 41 years in the making. It's NCAA Tournament time, and for the first time ever, AU is invited to the dance. My name is Mike Unger, I'm a staff writer in the university's publications department, which publishes (among other things) American Today ( and American magazine ( I'm also a contributing sports writer for Baltimore magazine, but for the next four days (and beyond?) I'll be covering all AU hoops, all the time. My plan is to update this blog several times daily beginning with tomorrow's sendoff rally on the main quad at noon, and not ending until AU's magical run does. If it does. You'll be able to access it by clicking on the "Birmingham Bound" button on the right side of

I'm hoping to bring you as many of the sights and sounds - both on the basketball court and away from it - from Birmingham as possible. This is a special time for the entire AU community, and we want everyone to feel a part of it even if you're not on campus or in Alabama. Throughout the course of the week, please feel free to email me any questions you'd like me to ask Coach Jeff Jones, the players, the fans who follow the Eagles down south, the media covering the team, Alabamians (is that what people from Alabama are called?) who may never have heard of AU, or anyone else you can think of. Anything from Jones's game plan to stop all-everything Tennessee guard Chris Lofton, to whether Derrick Mercer can dunk, to Nick Hendra's favorite movie (not involving his dad). Whatever crosses your mind, drop me a line at Just include your first name and where you're writing from, and I'll do my best to get your question answered and posted.