Take Flight

Being an NCAA Division I student-athlete brings some unique challenges. Take Flight is a two-part program designed to help new students manage these challenges and adapt and excel in their life as an intercollegiate athlete.

Part One - Life as a Student-Athlete
At the beginning of each school year, our goal is to help our new Eagles "Take Flight" by excelling in the classroom and in competition. In the "Life as a Student-Athlete" portion of this program, the student-athlete mentors, comprised of all juniors and seniors, impart the wisdom of their experiences and provide insights to assist the new student-athletes in navigating their first semester at AU. The Student-Athlete Support Program staff is also on hand to share important strategies for handling the unique combination of a college academic workload and an athletic schedule at the Division I level.

Part Two - Self-Leadership Through DiSC
Part Two of Take Flight is the first initiative of the Eagles Life Skills program to begin building leadership skills in all student-athletes. This program revolves around the DiSC Behavioral Assessment, a tool sponsored by the NCAA that is designed to help students understand their individual behavior style and identify their unique preferences. It also provides a common language to use with their peers, and it presents an opportunity to learn how to better relate to others. Together, the students will use the results of their DiSC assessment to identify their strengths and work with others to solve problems and obtain results. Beginning to develop some self-awareness and leadership skills through DiSC is a crucial component of Take Flight, and essential for all freshmen to engage in as a precursor to the Rising Eagles Leadership Series.