Rising Eagles Leadership Series

An effort to develop leadership skills in all student-athletes is a central focus of the Eagles Life Skills program, and at the heart of that initiative is the Rising Eagles Leadership Series. Through this series of developmental sessions, all sophomore and new transfer student-athletes will begin to explore self-leadership. The foundation of Rising Eagles stretches back to the DiSC Behavioral Assessment, which all students complete as a part of Take Flight.

Throughout the Rising Eagles program, students will engage in activities, discussions and reflections designed to expand the self-awareness of their leadership strengths. Learning to use these strengths to work with their peers while attempting to accomplish different tasks is a central focus of the program. Along the way, each session of the series emphasizes key lessons in leadership such as core values, individual strengths and weaknesses, facing challenges and adversity, and emotional intelligence.

By the end of Rising Eagles, student-athletes will have developed key leadership skills that they can employ in both athletic competition and life. The Student-Athlete Support Program and AU Athletics works to provide and promote opportunities for student-athletes to utilize their leadership abilities after Rising Eagles. This may come in the form of serving as an AUAMP mentor, being a part of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), or providing leadership as a team captain. Student-athletes are also encouraged to continue developing these skills and finding ways to apply them in the classroom, community, and as they look toward their future careers.