Leadership Overview

As a part of the Eagles Life Skills program, the Student-Athlete Support Program and Department of Athletics places a strong emphasis on developing leadership abilities in all student-athletes. This leadership focus also stems from the Patriot League Leadership Academy, an initiative that begin in 2011 to help Patriot League schools commit to developing student-athlete leaders in academics, athletics and life. The central initiatives to meet this goal can be found through Take Flight: Self-Leadership Through DiSC, the Rising Eagles Leadership Series, and the AUAMP Leadership Academy.

Take Flight - Self-Leadership Through DiSC
In the second part of the Take Flight initiative of the Eagles Life Skills program, student-athletes begin to focus on building leadership skills. This one-day program revolves around the DiSC Behavioral Assessment, a tool sponsored by the NCAA designed to help student-athletes understand their individual behavior style and identify their unique preferences. Beginning to develop some self-awareness and leadership skill through DiSC is a crucial component of Take Flight and essential for all freshmen to engage in as a precursor to the Rising Eagles Leadership Series.

Rising Eagles Leadership Series
Rising Eagles follows as a larger scale leadership development initiative that student-athletes begin during their sophomore year. Rising Eagles is a six-week series focused on developing individual leadership skills that student-athletes can employ in both athletic competition and life. Find out more about Rising Eagles here.

AU AMP Leadership Academy
Upon completion of Rising Eagles, some student-athletes will have the chance to put their leadership skills to use by serving as a student-athlete mentor in AUAMP. A crucial first part of the program is the AUAMP Leadership Academy - a half-day leadership training that focuses on effective strategies for leading others and creating a positive culture within AU Athletics.

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