Academic Support Overview

One-on-One Meetings
The Student-Athlete Support Program offers one-on-one meetings for student-athletes with their team's respective academic counselor to address a host of needs and concerns. Student-athletes are encouraged to meet with their counselor at least once per semester, and many request weekly or bi-weekly meetings. Students with a semester GPA below the required GPA set by their respective coaching staffs are required to meet with their academic counselor throughout the following semester in an effort to improve their academic skills.

Student-Athlete Support Workshops
The Student-Athlete Support Program hosts a variety of student-athlete support workshops covering topics that are unique to student-athletes. These workshops are an opportunity for student-athletes to get a grasp on their academics while keeping their commitment to athletics in mind. Read more about the student-athlete support workshops here.

Academic Support While Traveling
Student-athletes who are in season will receive travel letters from the Student-Athlete Support Program at the beginning of the semester to provide to their professors. These travel letters serve as excusals from class due to team travel - the letters will indicate when the team is expecting to leave campus, the date of competition, and when they will return to campus. To help student-athletes handle missed classes while traveling, SASP counselors are available for one-on-one support. Proctoring for missed exams is available through the Courtesy Testing Service, as well as some available online tutoring programs.

Student-athletes have access to one-on-one tutoring services provided through a partnership with the Academic Support and Access Center. Tutoring appointments are scheduled by the student-athletes at their convenience through, allowing for sessions to take place at times that best fit their busy schedules. In addition to one-on-one tutoring services through the Student-Athlete Support Program, student-athletes also have access to The Writing Center, The Math and Stat Lab, The Center for Language Exploration, Acquisition, and Research, and Supplementary Instruction sessions for support.

Study Hall
All first-year student-athletes are required to complete eight hours of study hall per week during their first semester. Additionally, student-athletes with GPA's below their team's respective GPA goal are required to complete study hall hours at the discretion of their coach and SASP counselor. Study hall takes place in the University Library, giving student-athletes the opportunity to complete their required hours any time the library is open.

Progress Reports
During the mid-semester point of the fall and spring, the Student-Athlete Support Program requests progress reports from faculty members for every single student-athlete. These web-based reports are reviewed by counselors and are used to help guide academic support services for student-athletes.

Support for Faculty
The Student-Athlete Program works closely with faculty to address needs and concerns of student-athletes on a case-by-case and large-scale basis, creating a transparent relationship and environment for success. Faculty can rely on the Student-Athlete Support Program to support them in areas such as exam proctoring during competition seasons through the Courtesy Testing Service, injury reports, travel letter distribution, academic regulation support, CARE Report submission and follow-up, and academic support services for student-athletes.