American University Athlete Mentor Program

The American University Athlete Mentor Program (AUAMP) was created and designed through the initiative of four AU student-athletes with the goal of building strong and trusting relationship for student-athletes across all sports at AU. The program's mission is to provide every new student-athlete with an upper-class mentor who will serve as a resource and guide throughout their first year of their college careers.

AUAMP aligns its values with those of the AU Athletic Department by promoting Excellence, Integrity, Accountability and Respect. In addition, AUAMP values compassion, leadership and positive attitude. Mentors will commit to those values and strive to promote them with each of the new student-athletes.

All first-year student-athletes are paired with a student-athlete peer, who will serve as their mentor. AUAMP officially begins with a kickoff event at the beginning of the fall semester, which is a chance for the new class of student-athletes to meet each other and their mentors. Throughout the rest of the year, the mentors will engage with their mentees and will be available to help them navigate any challenges they might face. Ultimately, the mentors will seek to achieve the following outcomes of AUAMP:

  • To build strong and trustworthy relationships between student-athletes across all sports
  • To increase freshmen student-athletes' knowledge of campus resources, and promote the accessibility of those resources
  • To provide all new student-athletes an experienced peer who they can consult with on a variety of topics
  • To create unity within the entire freshman class, transcending sport boundaries and, subsequently, increasing the support athletic teams for one another
  • To create a safe environment in which the student-athletes can share their experiences

After participating in AUAMP as a mentee, student-athletes have the opportunity to give back and develop their own leadership skills by serving as a mentor during their junior and/or senior year.

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