AU Eagles Leadership Academy

AU Leadership Academy

AU Eagles Leadership Academy


To create opportunities for student-athletes to be challenged, to grow in their leadership and develop personally, and to have formational experiences that will guide their futures. 


  1. To develop student-athletes into lifelong learners and leaders.
  2. To provide student-athletes opportunities to learn leadership skills and theories and reflect on their own abilities.
  3. To create an environment for growth and transformation through active, diverse and experiential learning.
  4. To build engagement in student-athletes that will inspire action - carrying the vision to their teams, our department, and the community.


  1. Emerging Eagles is the foundation of the Leadership Academy, a program that all student-athletes will participate in after their first season of competition. Its mission is to engage all student-athletes in personal growth and exploration of their leadership style, and to establish a foundation of self-leadership that they can expand on through their time at AU on their teams and in the classroom.
  2. Rising Eagles is the second phase of leadership development, and student-athletes are eligible to apply to participate after they have completed Emerging Eagles. Its mission is to create an environment that promotes a deeper exploration of leadership and various leadership styles and theories. It also aims to foster leadership growth among student-athletes dedicated to developing their skills and becoming leaders on their team and on campus.
  3. Soaring Eagles is focused on supporting the transition of senior student-athletes. Its mission is to provide opportunities for graduating student-athletes to learn the professional leadership skills they need to be prepared for life after AU. It also seeks to support the process of the athlete identity shift.
  4. Eagles in Service is the final component of the Leadership Academy, and it aims to complete the academy’s mission. Specifically, it focuses on creating opportunities for student-athletes to have formational experiences that will guide their futures. Overall, Eagles in Service aims to engage student-athletes in a service learning project, focusing on developing leadership through experiential learning.