American University SAAC Mission Statement

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The American University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) advocates for an inclusive athletic environment that values the welfare of each student-athlete. We collaborate with all segments of the university, more specifically with the American University Athletic Department, to provide the voice for AU student-athletes. The mission of the AU SAAC is to prepare student-athletes for lifelong learning and global citizenship through the promotion of academic, athletic, professional, and personal growth.

American University SAAC Bylaws:

Article I:
This organization shall be known as the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

Article II:
All members must be NCAA, Patriot League, and institutionally eligible both academically and athletically and remain in good academic standing. Additionally, all members must be a participating member of their respective sport. There will be at least one student-athlete from each varsity team: men's basketball, women's basketball, men's cross country, women's cross country, field hockey, lacrosse, men's soccer, women's soccer, men's swimming & diving, women's swimming & diving, men's track, women's track, volleyball, and wrestling.

To be a SAAC representative, a student-athlete must be nominated by their coach, teammates and/or athletic administrator and commit to serve on the SAAC for at least one full academic year.

Article III:
Section 1 - The executive cabinet of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee shall consist of president, vice-president, and secretary.

More specifically, the executive cabinet duties are as follows:

President: Responsible for leading all SAAC meetings. Requires monthly, if not bi-weekly, meetings with the SAAC advisor to discuss meeting agenda and other pertinent issues. This officer will be the spokesperson of the SAAC and address the student-athletes, coaches and administration when needed.

Vice-President:  This officer will be in charge of designating events, ensuring that attendance was documented,  and other duties as assigned.  Also, the vice-president will assume presidential duties for SAAC meetings when the president cannot attend.

Secretary: Responsible for actively taking minutes at each SAAC meeting and disseminating them via email to all SAAC representatives and the SAAC advisor. Minutes should include meeting highlights, upcoming events, and other important information. Also, the secretary is responsible for contacting SAAC representatives in the event a phone chain is needed. This officer will also collect contact information and distribute a contact sheet to all SAAC representatives and the SAAC advisor. The contact sheet should include name, sport, address during the academic year, cell phone number, email address and screen name.

Community Service Chair: (If appointed) Responsible for leading the annual SAAC winter service project. This officer will assist the vice-president with the community service component of the AU Team Cup. Other events to consider are AU Athletics Welcome Back, National Girls and Women in Sports Day event, National Student-Athlete Day, etc.

Each executive cabinet member has an obligation to attend and/or participate in the conference SAAC meetings each semester unless they have an academic or athletic obligation.

Section 2 - A majority vote by current SAAC members will be used for the election process of the executive cabinet.

Election of the executive cabinet will be held at the second to last SAAC meeting of the spring semester. All members of the SAAC, including the advisor, have the power to nominate SAAC representatives for the executive cabinet. Only SAAC members who have served at least one full semester are eligible for an officer nomination.

Elections will be conducted in the following manner and moderated by the current SAAC president: (1) Each SAAC member will be given five slips of paper. (2) The President will ask for nominations for president. (3) Each SAAC member will cast their vote on the slip of paper. (4) The current president and SAAC advisor will step out of the room and count the votes. (5) The current president will announce the winner and continue steps 1-4 for each officer position: vice-president, secretary, treasure, and community service chair.

The SAAC will hold a special election if the previously elected officer is unable to carry out his/her duties. In the event the current president cannot carry out his/her duties, the vice-president will be promoted to president and hold an election for the vice president position. The process and requirements will be the same as the spring election.

Section 3 - Meetings will be scheduled bi-monthly, with date, time and location selected at previous meeting. This information will be relayed to SAAC representatives through the SAAC minutes.

Representatives are required to attend all scheduled SAAC meetings. If an absence is necessary, the SAAC advisor must be notified and a replacement team representative shall attend. Two unexcused absences may result in a request for a new team representative.

Section 4- The voting procedure shall consist of a majority vote. The SAAC advisor has no voting power, except in the case of a tie; the advisor will cast the tie-breaking vote.

Article IV:
A quorum shall occur if half of the SAAC representatives are present at the meeting.

Regularly scheduled Student-Athlete Advisory Committee meetings will remain "open" meetings, unless otherwise stated with appropriate notice and reason. Student-athletes, coaches, administrators, staff, and members of the university community are welcome to attend "open" meetings.

The executive cabinet (the elected officers of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee) have the power to rule on behalf of the advisory committee when necessary.

The meetings between the president and advisor will remain "closed" meetings. The president may open the meeting by invitation only.

Article V:
Any and all fundraising activities will follow athletic fundraising procedures and must be granted written approval by the institution's compliance officer.

No expenses shall be made without approval of the SAAC advisor and SAAC executive cabinet.

Article VI:
All amendments must be passed by two-thirds vote of the advisory committee.

Article VII:
A member of the athletic administration, preferably the Senior Woman Administrator and/or Life Skills coordinator, will be the advisor to the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.