Jacobs Varsity Weight Room Gets Summer Renovation

Jacobs Varsity Weight Room

Athletic Communications Student-Assistant

Following the 2016-17 athletic year, the American University's Strength and Conditioning staff and facilities have seen some internal changes. 

The varsity weight room inside Jacobs Fitness Center underwent renovations aimed to create an efficient environment for AU student-athletes. New additions to the weight room include branded platforms and advanced lifting racks. 

In the renovation, the new equipment additions will create more space in the weight room. AU assistant athletic director for strength and conditioning Sean Foster feels the added benefit of the renovation allows for the ability to work with even more student-athletes in a more conducive space. 

Foster, also announced a new addition to the strength and conditioning team. 

Philip Reuer, previously oversaw South Dakota State's wrestling and track programs, while assisting with football, women's soccer, basketball and volleyball. Reuer also boasts experience from his time at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, the Air Force Academy and the University of Mary. In his assistant position, Reuer will also use his master's degree in nutrition to help student-athletes with properly fueling their bodies on and off the field. 

Student-athletes have already seen a positive result within the short timeline of the newly renovated weight room.