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Screamin' Eagles Pep Band

Welcome to the AU Screamin' Eagles Pep Band Alumni Association!

The idea to form an alumni association was started in Spring 2009 as the American University Men's Basketball team made another trip to the NCAA tournament and members in the band wanted a way to connect members from the past with the developments of the band today.

Alumni involvement has always been an important part of the AU Screamin' Eagles Pep Band. The 2009 season saw a record number of alumni members playing with the band in Bender Arena. With your help, we can create a way for alumni everywhere to stay involved with the Pep Band.

The Association is founded with the following missions:

  • To support current student members of the Screamin' Eagles Pep Band and Pep Band Boosters
  • To preserve the traditions and history of the band
  • To provide a means for alumni who were members of the Pep Band to keep in contact with each other

We are, without question, in our infancy as an organization. We've only just started building a database of Pep Band alumni, but we need your help! If you are an AU Pep Band alumni, please contact us! We'd love to reconnect with you - regardless of the year you graduated - and add you to our database.

We also welcome you to send any memories, photos, memorabilia, clippings, etc., that you may have that will help us tell the story of the AU Pep Band.

You can contact us by emailing

Alumni Association members have no dues - but by submitting your contact information, you'll receive periodic email updates on Pep Band news, alumni social events, and ways to get involved with the band.

With the 80th anniversary of the AU Pep Band coming up in the 2010 season, we look forward to welcoming more alumni back into the AU community.


Carl Seip (SPA '09)
Marc Tomik (SPA '08)