Welcome to the AU Eagles Pep Band Alumni Association!

Like most organizations on campus, the AU Pep Band has an alumni association! Unlike most organizations on campus this means fun for graduated members rather than bugging you all for donations – because yes, we are that cool.

So why should you join?

  • Reconnect with other alumni and meet the current band
  • Receive invites to the AU Pep Band Welcome and End of the Year BBQs to eat and socialize
  • Show off how awesome you have become being a real person or relive your college glory days by
    • Joining the Pep Band and playing with us when you’re in town
    • Responding to the call of duty and playing at alumni games! (Often conveniently timed to correspond with games that happen over student breaks)
    • Let us know your e-mail address so we can keep in touch

For 2014-2015 the Alumni Association will be led by Kathy Imbalzano (SIS ‘14) and Andreas Wiede (CAS ‘14). Please feel free to contact us at aupepband.alumni@gmail.com with any and all questions and ideas.

Read about how the AU Pep Band Alumni Association got started in this letter from co-founders Carl Seip (SPA ’09) and Marc Tomik (SPA ’08).